Ten Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Interior Designer.

When deciding how to decorate your home, it can be a little difficult without the guidance from an interior designer London professional. However with a little thought and knowledge, anything is possible. Here we share with you 10 innovative approaches to interior design that are used by top interior design London companies.

1 If you need a home office but dint have a spare room, then use a closet for the job.2 Space under the stairs is often neglected so make us it is. Interior designers London often use this space as a quiet den area or for placing coats and shoes.

3 Mirrors can add depth and extra space to any room. This is a popular interior design trick used by many interior designers London professionals.

4 Make use of the stairs in your home for storage. You can create a drawer under each stair that can be used to keep books, shoes and anything else.

5 To add a bit of fun to the bedroom, why not buy a round bed. They also save space.

6 Put a a full length counter top window in the kitchen wall. Thus can be placed under cabinets, to add light and a view of your garden.

6 Buy floor and table lamps that are a little bit different to showcase your character.

6 Introduce the feature wall. Many interior designer London professionals like the chalk board wall that can be used in the kitchen.

7 If you have always dreamed of having a library but don’t have the room, create a reading area in the corner of your living room.

8 A glass floor is for those who really want to push their interior design boundaries. If you are brave enough then go for it.

9 Everyone dreams of a walk in closet so make room for one in your home. You may have to knock down walls or use a spare room, but is worth it.

10 Instead of buying wallpaper why not have one wall in your living room as a mural. You could do the art yourself or hire a local artist.

For more inspiration and innovative ideas you can always read popular Interior design London websites to get even more creative.

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